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What's the purpose of a funeral?

Funerals provide surviving family members and friends with a caring, supportive environment in which to recognize the death of a loved one,  to share thoughts and feelings about that person. Funerals are the first step in the healing process.

I've never arranged a funeral before. What do I need to know?

At some time in our lives, most of us will make or assist in making funeral arrangements. This will not be an easy time, but we offer these tips to assist you:

  • Be an informed consumer and ask questions
  • Contact us and meet with a licensed funeral director
  • Discuss all service and payment options during the funeral arrangements
  • You will receive a copy of our General Price List
  • Be prepared to make decisions and organize details in advance of need
  • Plan a personalized and meaningful ceremony to help the healing process

If a loved one passes out of state, can the House of Wright Mortuary, Inc. help?

When someone passes out of state, contact House of Wright Mortuary, Inc., first regardless of date, time or location. We can then assist with necessary services on your behalf. Failure to contact us first may result in the duplication of services and increase the cost.
Please call 
(302) 762-8448 for assistance.

Is a vault for the casket required by law?

Yes and No. In states like Delaware the law requires any casket exceeding 48” be placed in an outer burial container or vault for in ground interments. However, other surrounding states do not require a vault and is at the discretion of the cemetery.

What is the difference between pre-arranging and pre-planing a service?

Pre-arranging …is the advance payment for merchandise and services in order to reduce cost to the family and guarantee protection against inflation.

Pre-planning …is the process of selecting your preferred merchandise and services. Subsequently, placing them on file at our funeral establishment, as to remove some of the emotional strain on survivors but not the financial obligation.

Is embalming required by law?

No, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, if you desire a certain funeral service including a viewing. Certain religions and cultures do not allow embalming, and we conform to their requirements.

What if I want my loved one cremated? Does you establishment handle cremation?


We offer multiple cremation options. Our staff can explain in detail those options and make all necessary arrangements. 

Will my loved ones' clothing be returned?

Unfortunately, clothing once  placed on a loved one will not be returned. As a matter of dignity and respect decedents remained clothed even during the cremation process. Finally, clothes are not returned as a matter of policy to ensure all precautionary and safety measures are met. 

Can I still have a funeral service with the body present if I choose cremation?

Yes. Remember that cremation is a type of final disposition just as earth burial. This service will including embalming, casket selection, viewing and service even when cremation is desired.

What should I do if my loved one passes at home?

When death occurs, the House of Wright Mortuary Inc. staff is available at any hour, seven days a week. Please call (302) 762-8448.

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