Innovative Offerings

We know that every family we serve is unique, and we strive to make each service a personal tribute to the life that has been lived. We provide a wide variety of choices that will help fulfill a family's wishes, from a traditional funeral to a personalized service that celebrates a loved one's hobbies and interests.

The following are ideas that you may use to personalize a service:

Balloon Release

Bouquet of balloons with colors of your choice released at the appropriate time during the service or at the cemetery. Family members, especially children are encouraged to be a part of the balloon release.

Butterfly Release

This particular tribute is Seasonal. This tribute allows you to create a beautiful presentation of colorful butterflies ascending into the air. A tastefully simple tribute.

Dove Release

For millennia, the dove has been the symbol of the human soul. These elegant birds leap into the sky in a burst of energy an exuberance, reminding us of the soul's ascent to heaven, and the abundant life that blesses each one of us. This is particularly meaningful for a graveside service. To make this event even more beautiful, our staff coordinated the release with the words of the minister or speaker at the ceremony.

Video Tributes 

 This type of commemoration is especially touching, and does much to help family and friends appreciate the life that has been lived. The family provides photos of the person who has died, and we craft them into a video presentation accompanied by favorite music. This 3 to 5 minute video uses sight, sound, music and motion to create a powerful, loving tribute that tells the story of a life and imparts loving impressions of the person who has died. This can be shown at visitations, at the service itself or simply as a keepsake. Multiple copies for other family members are available as well. Our staff works with you to select the photos and music, and we coordinate every aspect of the video editing process.

Military Honors 

To honor a person's service in the defense of our freedoms, we frequently arrange for our nation's veterans to be commemorated with special military observances. Depending on the branch of service, military detachments may provide a color guard, musicians, or even a gun salute. We have contacts with all branches of the military, so the proper arrangements can be made easily and efficiently. In addition we will obtain for you a Presidential Certificate. **(Certificate may take several weeks to arrive.)

Keepsake Jewelry 

Some families choose to retain a portion of the cremated remains to have near them. For that reason, we offer you a variety of keepsake jewelry so that you may keep your loved one near you, always.

Celebration of Life Pins 

 Captures special moments in time that family and friends will appreciate for years to come. Vivid, Colorful images encased in a 2.25 in. Circular Pin, coated with a durable mylar protective cover that will surely touch the hearts of those who view them..

Memorial Tapestry

This is one of the newest ways to honor your loved one. This blanket displays a picture of your loved one and can be used as a blanket, throw or a hanging presentation. This warms the hearts of all and allows you to reflect on the precious memories of your loved one as they comfort you.

Renowed Soloist 

We think music at a funeral is one of the most personal tributes. Often, families make the event even more meaningful with live music at the service. Consider going beyond the traditional recorded music. Allow us to suggest harpists, organist, string quartets, vocalists, or other instrumentalists to give your service another special touch.

Horse-Drawn Carriage 

 Make your loved one's last journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished by family and friends. A special farewell for a special person

Online Obituaries 

 Our web site offers families the ability to post the story of a life on the World Wide Web, making it available to those who live far from us. This service allows distant friends and relatives to participate in the mourning process, to write on-line condolences and recollections, and to say their own farewells to the person who has died. If desired, the messages can be read aloud during the funeral service.

Custom Funeral Portraits

Custom Funeral Portraits 

  • Exclusive Portrait Styles
  • Photo Enhancement & Retouching
  • Affordable Premium Frames
  • Multiple Portrait Sizes and Display Kits
  • Choice of Paper or Canvas Portraits