Service Offerings

Funerals serve an important purpose: they allow us to recognize a life that was lived and acknowledge that the life has come to an end. Funerals exist for the living, for survivors who suffer the loss of a loved one. We understand that every family is different. Influences such as religious and cultural traditions, cost concerns and personal preferences make each funeral as unique as the person who is being honored.

This section of our web site provides an overview of the different types of services that we provide. Our funeral directors will work with you to put together a personalized package, and discuss the many options and details that make each of our services a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.

House of Wright offers a variety of  Services to accommodate your wishes. The service offerings listed below are customarily selected but not inclusive of all your service selections.

Traditional Service

This is the most commonly selected ceremony. A traditional service normally consists of  a public viewing, service and earth burial. The decedent is present dressed and casketed for the ceremony.

Aftercare Service

This service is ongoing and exemplifies our true heart and commitment to every family we serve. This is a constant service where we reach out to you through comfort calls, anniversary cards and/or our annual memorial service. These services are provided by our Aftercare Team.

Direct Cremation

A cremation devoid of any funeral rite.

Direct Cremation & Memorial Service

 This service presents the family with a opportunity for closure. It also allows friends to gather and celebrate the life of your loved one. The body is not present in the physical form but in a urn or absent from view. Typically, pictures are used as a source of remembrance.

Islamic Service

This service is rendered for those of the Islamic faith. This service consists of the ritual washing and shrouding followed by the Janazzah Service and Interment.

Memorial Service

A service where the body is not present but in a urn or absent from view.  A personalized memorial can be held in our Chapel or another location. Pictorials or DVD's are typically used to add value to the service and the life lived.

Viewing, Service & Cremation

This service allows the family an opportunity to have a full service. With this service the body is dressed, casketed and present. However, the final disposition is cremation.